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30 Apr


The strongest person within you that you cannot fight and win, is the person God made you to be.


Adding the Drops

19 Mar



It rains splashes on my window
I am watching the drops fall
I remember the many moments
Many small moments of my life
Small moments that add up to the big finale, end conclusion

Moments come and go lazily by
Moments change my life eternal
Imprints on my destiny, for better-worse,emotions high-low
Surely the rain passes,the moments pass. Pause


18 Mar

 {Grace}: The Free and Unearned favor of God

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Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet

      Breathe it, Drink it, Eat it, Dance it, Sing it, Play it

      Walk it; Write it, Speak it, Hear it, Laugh it

      Sit in it, Sweat it, Cry it, Bleed it; Scratch into your soul

      Fix it in your eyes, Hold it tight; Seek it, Treasure it

       Meditate on it, Dream it, Live it, Share it

                 Love it

       Soak into my soul, wash over me, deep roots in,

       Wrap around me as my skin wraps, then…Transform me

       In the days when the crushing stones of worry, shame

       Pain, disappointment, weakness, dis-stress, unrest

       Unfaithfulness, sit in the very center seat of my heart…

       Grace is my Liberator, Rescuer, and Deliverer

                                                                                        Master it   

       In the days of rich Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, success, strength,

       Happiness…Grace is my boast, my show off, and my melody

       I look up at the stars tonight, as uncountable as they are,

       So is your Grace towards me oh God(ΑΩ), even as the sands of Earth.

I boldly humble myself before the Giver of Grace.

       Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet…Hmmm…Sweet

Feast of Art

4 Jan

image: whitegadget

the brush of a painter preserves the image
the voice of a singer woos the emotions
the chords of a musician sways the body
the words of a poet arouses the soul
when goodly mingled, it is a feast of art

Hour Glass Lesson

15 Dec


**my version of one of my favorite lines

As the many sands of the hour-glass

So are the many moments of our lives

Passing through, and confined in the bowels of time

Until shattered by the striking arm of Eternity

Looking in

13 Oct

image: aura-id.com

The desires within drive away the rest and stillness
They are hot and burning inside, and i sense them strong
Where have they come from? my imagination or the image
The image, the truest , purest, passionate form of who i am
Streams and currents of inspiriting inspiration sweeping the fragile form
Heart pounds rising, mind speeding almost numbingly and trance-like

Love, to love burns foremost, to be allowed to rule above all
The most beautiful and most powerful, that renews while transforming
Belief and hope wrestles, to keep the fire of life glowing…flaming
Firmly convinced of the goodness and  ability of all that is True and Light
Mastering the inhibitions is present too,some justified, others not
Some are welcome, others will pass, have to fade and be gone, Be Gone

Allowing the mind and spirit feast on images of loveliness, and truthfulness
Taking mental trips to beautiful and tranquil places the feet have not been yet
Musing on the only words that can speak calm to the disturbance and disorderliness
Quiet down in the Comforter of comforters, and seek the unequaled Presence of the Creator, of the Shaper, of God.

And then…

6 Sep

image: dipity.com

[In memory of 9/11, loss, and service]

Heart-piercing shrieks as speechless horror unfolds

Panic thundering through the routines of the day

Blackness and grayness cuts through the blueness of sky

I wonder if the birds of the air also paused in flight to gasp


Darkness did not stop the light, it cannot… unless let

Hearts remembered the oaths vowed before  God and Man

Living Images of the One who is Great Light burst forward

Loving, comforting, sharing, mending, searching, providing


Did you hear? Do you know? What is written? What He wills

That He will wipe the teary eye, death certainly conquered

Sorrow will flee, crying shall cease, pain no more, nevermore

Those times of old shall give way to the Goodness of a new day

The promise is firm; the Christ of the Universe gives His Word

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