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30 Apr


The strongest person within you that you cannot fight and win, is the person God made you to be.



18 Mar

 {Grace}: The Free and Unearned favor of God

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Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet

      Breathe it, Drink it, Eat it, Dance it, Sing it, Play it

      Walk it; Write it, Speak it, Hear it, Laugh it

      Sit in it, Sweat it, Cry it, Bleed it; Scratch into your soul

      Fix it in your eyes, Hold it tight; Seek it, Treasure it

       Meditate on it, Dream it, Live it, Share it

                 Love it

       Soak into my soul, wash over me, deep roots in,

       Wrap around me as my skin wraps, then…Transform me

       In the days when the crushing stones of worry, shame

       Pain, disappointment, weakness, dis-stress, unrest

       Unfaithfulness, sit in the very center seat of my heart…

       Grace is my Liberator, Rescuer, and Deliverer

                                                                                        Master it   

       In the days of rich Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, success, strength,

       Happiness…Grace is my boast, my show off, and my melody

       I look up at the stars tonight, as uncountable as they are,

       So is your Grace towards me oh God(ΑΩ), even as the sands of Earth.

I boldly humble myself before the Giver of Grace.

       Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet…Hmmm…Sweet

The Men I’ve Known (**my view)

23 Nov

 Kevin…honey-glazed tongue, with sprinkles of cunning charm, quick eyes

Tim…A sense of passion with a dash of care-freeness, and air of sincerity

Leon…seemingly torn between personal desire and voices of expectation

Emeka…sensitivity coated with the appearance of a toughened exterior

Uzo…willingness for commitment, a fire suppressed within, a logical head

          The unknown man                        Passionate in stand

              True in spirit – Focused in vision            Brave in heart- Warm in embrace

Courageous in Love -Gentle in touch    Tender in kiss-Quietly confident

    The only man my heart will intimately yield to or not at all;

          To walk, talk, learn, laugh, cry

         A strengthened attraction





Looking in

13 Oct

image: aura-id.com

The desires within drive away the rest and stillness
They are hot and burning inside, and i sense them strong
Where have they come from? my imagination or the image
The image, the truest , purest, passionate form of who i am
Streams and currents of inspiriting inspiration sweeping the fragile form
Heart pounds rising, mind speeding almost numbingly and trance-like

Love, to love burns foremost, to be allowed to rule above all
The most beautiful and most powerful, that renews while transforming
Belief and hope wrestles, to keep the fire of life glowing…flaming
Firmly convinced of the goodness and  ability of all that is True and Light
Mastering the inhibitions is present too,some justified, others not
Some are welcome, others will pass, have to fade and be gone, Be Gone

Allowing the mind and spirit feast on images of loveliness, and truthfulness
Taking mental trips to beautiful and tranquil places the feet have not been yet
Musing on the only words that can speak calm to the disturbance and disorderliness
Quiet down in the Comforter of comforters, and seek the unequaled Presence of the Creator, of the Shaper, of God.

Worth High-lighting and Sharing

8 Sep

This song was written  and sang by a friend of mine( Rob McMichael) and i love the message so much that i decided to present it here

Who You Are(original song)—Video


Words cannot exaggerate
Yet I cannot articulate
The wonder of who You are my God.

None compare in holiness
And by your word the worlds exist
I marvel at who You are my God.

I stand in awe of the grace of the King
The Lord of everything
who still loves a wretch like me.
I stand and sing of the love of the Lamb
Demanding all I am
Because he loves a wretch like me.

He loves more than we will know
The cross stands in time just to show
The glory of who You are my God

One day soon we will sing
And all creation gladly bring
Our worship for who You are my God

I stand in awe of the grace of the King
The Lord of everything
who still loves a wretch like me.
I stand and sing of the love of the Lamb
Demanding all I am
Because he loves a wretch like me.

Words cannot exaggerate
Yet I cannot articulate
The wonder of who You are my God.

Son of man, stand on your feet

31 Aug

[Formatted into poetry. Original version below]

In these times it seems easier to allow the dark waters

Waters of worry, anxiety, fear, pain, despair and depression

Roll over our souls and choke our lion-like roar

I too have had those breath-taking moments;

Curses can readily gather on my tongue


Something within Man struggles for a way of escape, a way out

There is a hunger and thirst for something

Something true, enduring, joyful, lovely, beautiful;

A place our spirit can escape even if our bodies feel stuck

At first i heard of that place, but now i know that place…

In the presence of the Ever-Living Creator and

In the cleansing blood of His Christ


Come wonderful soul, i tell you the Truth…

Let us allow the days of bitterness, pride, vile anger,

Of coldness and unkindness, melt away as wax from a candle…

Let us welcome the sweet and tender, yet mighty and everlasting waters;

The waters of Love, Hope and Faith soothingly wash over our bruised souls


I see four faces on the Sons of Men; that of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle

As Man we can unite in the ways of Truth and Loving-kindness

As the lion we can roar with awakening strength and boldness

As the ox we can carry the work of our righteous purposes,

And as the eagle we can rise to new heights with renewed vision.

“What heights of Love… what depths of peace, when fears are stilled and striving cease…” –(Worship song)

I am a witness

22 Aug

image: writerscafe.org

I am a witness that the seasons of life come and pass on

A cheerful heart is good medicine

You can’t give what you don’t have

A soft word turns away wrath

A tender kiss can melt hardness

Compassion can mend a bruised soul

Forgiveness sets a soul free

A broken heart can be healed

Beauty can arise from ashes

Joy can come from despair

Prisons can open for the bound

Hate kills but Love saves and restores

There is no law against true Love


I am a witness that an upright man is a happy man

There is no rest for the wicked

What a man sows he reaps

Mercy can prevail over justice

Enemies can become friends

A heart of stone can be made flesh

The soul is made to be free

Body, mind and spirit must be nourished

Poverty of soul and spirit is the worst

There is a time for every purpose under heaven


I am a witness that Love, Hope and Faith unites every soul in every nation

The prayer of the humble and distressed is answered

The honor of God is the beginning of wisdom

The ways of God are pure, enlightening the eyes

and converting the soul

In Christ dwells the way of salvation

Scarlet garments can be white as snow

The value of one man, and change can come from one

By the power of One, the Creator, all things are possible

Truth needs no defense, but proves itself in all generations

This is for the poor, the oppressed, the captives, the shamed, and the wounded-hearted

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