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Adding the Drops

19 Mar



It rains splashes on my window
I am watching the drops fall
I remember the many moments
Many small moments of my life
Small moments that add up to the big finale, end conclusion

Moments come and go lazily by
Moments change my life eternal
Imprints on my destiny, for better-worse,emotions high-low
Surely the rain passes,the moments pass. Pause



18 Mar

 {Grace}: The Free and Unearned favor of God

image:google images


Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet

      Breathe it, Drink it, Eat it, Dance it, Sing it, Play it

      Walk it; Write it, Speak it, Hear it, Laugh it

      Sit in it, Sweat it, Cry it, Bleed it; Scratch into your soul

      Fix it in your eyes, Hold it tight; Seek it, Treasure it

       Meditate on it, Dream it, Live it, Share it

                 Love it

       Soak into my soul, wash over me, deep roots in,

       Wrap around me as my skin wraps, then…Transform me

       In the days when the crushing stones of worry, shame

       Pain, disappointment, weakness, dis-stress, unrest

       Unfaithfulness, sit in the very center seat of my heart…

       Grace is my Liberator, Rescuer, and Deliverer

                                                                                        Master it   

       In the days of rich Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, success, strength,

       Happiness…Grace is my boast, my show off, and my melody

       I look up at the stars tonight, as uncountable as they are,

       So is your Grace towards me oh God(ΑΩ), even as the sands of Earth.

I boldly humble myself before the Giver of Grace.

       Amazing Grace, how so Sweet…Sweet…Sweet…Hmmm…Sweet

Feast of Art

4 Jan

image: whitegadget

the brush of a painter preserves the image
the voice of a singer woos the emotions
the chords of a musician sways the body
the words of a poet arouses the soul
when goodly mingled, it is a feast of art

Hour Glass Lesson

15 Dec


**my version of one of my favorite lines

As the many sands of the hour-glass

So are the many moments of our lives

Passing through, and confined in the bowels of time

Until shattered by the striking arm of Eternity

The Men I’ve Known (**my view)

23 Nov

 Kevin…honey-glazed tongue, with sprinkles of cunning charm, quick eyes

Tim…A sense of passion with a dash of care-freeness, and air of sincerity

Leon…seemingly torn between personal desire and voices of expectation

Emeka…sensitivity coated with the appearance of a toughened exterior

Uzo…willingness for commitment, a fire suppressed within, a logical head

          The unknown man                        Passionate in stand

              True in spirit – Focused in vision            Brave in heart- Warm in embrace

Courageous in Love -Gentle in touch    Tender in kiss-Quietly confident

    The only man my heart will intimately yield to or not at all;

          To walk, talk, learn, laugh, cry

         A strengthened attraction





My Two Women

20 Oct

artist: Vykky Gamble

The two women in my life, they seem to visit more lately

I don’t like them in the same room, they do not get along

Can there be a harmony between them? Sometimes I believe so

Other times I don’t believe so; they are so very much different

They both try to get me to look at them, and give me reasons why to

It doesn’t help either that I love one more, and begun to dislike the other

It wasn’t always that way; they used to take turns being with me…

It is a bit complicated; the one I love scares me, I don’t know her well

I am comfortable around the one I now feel some dislike for, I know her


They have both been with me at different points in my life journey

The one I love more is Beautiful, Loving, Gentle, Tender, Passionate, Joyful

As she walks it’s like there’s a dance rhythm; a colorful air of life follows her

I see her smile in her eyes; her laugh is hearty; she is hope-full and faith-full

She believes nothing is impossible in the name of Pure Love; she’ll take risks

She is also sometimes lawless, and stubborn, for good reasons she says…

When she is with me I can’t deny feeling like a blooming flower…renewed


The other woman too is beautiful, loving, sensitive, brilliant, thought-full

I think a little too thought-full; she walks quietly and has her reservations

She has her story and the marks that come with it; she smiles, but there is more

She is also sometimes selfish, stubborn and aggressive, for fair reasons she says…

She enjoys many pleasures, healthy and harmful; in our times together I feel…safe


Do I need them both in some ways? Again the talk of a sense of balance

I care about them both; they are a part of me, they live within me… are me

Some days one watches on in silence, she is not up to fight for me or with me

Other days they both go through the plans of the day with me; can be troubling

Which one will walk with me today? They may stand each other today…for now

Worth High-lighting and Sharing

8 Sep

This song was written  and sang by a friend of mine( Rob McMichael) and i love the message so much that i decided to present it here

Who You Are(original song)—Video


Words cannot exaggerate
Yet I cannot articulate
The wonder of who You are my God.

None compare in holiness
And by your word the worlds exist
I marvel at who You are my God.

I stand in awe of the grace of the King
The Lord of everything
who still loves a wretch like me.
I stand and sing of the love of the Lamb
Demanding all I am
Because he loves a wretch like me.

He loves more than we will know
The cross stands in time just to show
The glory of who You are my God

One day soon we will sing
And all creation gladly bring
Our worship for who You are my God

I stand in awe of the grace of the King
The Lord of everything
who still loves a wretch like me.
I stand and sing of the love of the Lamb
Demanding all I am
Because he loves a wretch like me.

Words cannot exaggerate
Yet I cannot articulate
The wonder of who You are my God.

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