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My Two Women

20 Oct

artist: Vykky Gamble

The two women in my life, they seem to visit more lately

I don’t like them in the same room, they do not get along

Can there be a harmony between them? Sometimes I believe so

Other times I don’t believe so; they are so very much different

They both try to get me to look at them, and give me reasons why to

It doesn’t help either that I love one more, and begun to dislike the other

It wasn’t always that way; they used to take turns being with me…

It is a bit complicated; the one I love scares me, I don’t know her well

I am comfortable around the one I now feel some dislike for, I know her


They have both been with me at different points in my life journey

The one I love more is Beautiful, Loving, Gentle, Tender, Passionate, Joyful

As she walks it’s like there’s a dance rhythm; a colorful air of life follows her

I see her smile in her eyes; her laugh is hearty; she is hope-full and faith-full

She believes nothing is impossible in the name of Pure Love; she’ll take risks

She is also sometimes lawless, and stubborn, for good reasons she says…

When she is with me I can’t deny feeling like a blooming flower…renewed


The other woman too is beautiful, loving, sensitive, brilliant, thought-full

I think a little too thought-full; she walks quietly and has her reservations

She has her story and the marks that come with it; she smiles, but there is more

She is also sometimes selfish, stubborn and aggressive, for fair reasons she says…

She enjoys many pleasures, healthy and harmful; in our times together I feel…safe


Do I need them both in some ways? Again the talk of a sense of balance

I care about them both; they are a part of me, they live within me… are me

Some days one watches on in silence, she is not up to fight for me or with me

Other days they both go through the plans of the day with me; can be troubling

Which one will walk with me today? They may stand each other today…for now


Looking in

13 Oct


The desires within drive away the rest and stillness
They are hot and burning inside, and i sense them strong
Where have they come from? my imagination or the image
The image, the truest , purest, passionate form of who i am
Streams and currents of inspiriting inspiration sweeping the fragile form
Heart pounds rising, mind speeding almost numbingly and trance-like

Love, to love burns foremost, to be allowed to rule above all
The most beautiful and most powerful, that renews while transforming
Belief and hope wrestles, to keep the fire of life glowing…flaming
Firmly convinced of the goodness and  ability of all that is True and Light
Mastering the inhibitions is present too,some justified, others not
Some are welcome, others will pass, have to fade and be gone, Be Gone

Allowing the mind and spirit feast on images of loveliness, and truthfulness
Taking mental trips to beautiful and tranquil places the feet have not been yet
Musing on the only words that can speak calm to the disturbance and disorderliness
Quiet down in the Comforter of comforters, and seek the unequaled Presence of the Creator, of the Shaper, of God.

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