Son of man, stand on your feet

31 Aug

[Formatted into poetry. Original version below]

In these times it seems easier to allow the dark waters

Waters of worry, anxiety, fear, pain, despair and depression

Roll over our souls and choke our lion-like roar

I too have had those breath-taking moments;

Curses can readily gather on my tongue


Something within Man struggles for a way of escape, a way out

There is a hunger and thirst for something

Something true, enduring, joyful, lovely, beautiful;

A place our spirit can escape even if our bodies feel stuck

At first i heard of that place, but now i know that place…

In the presence of the Ever-Living Creator and

In the cleansing blood of His Christ


Come wonderful soul, i tell you the Truth…

Let us allow the days of bitterness, pride, vile anger,

Of coldness and unkindness, melt away as wax from a candle…

Let us welcome the sweet and tender, yet mighty and everlasting waters;

The waters of Love, Hope and Faith soothingly wash over our bruised souls


I see four faces on the Sons of Men; that of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle

As Man we can unite in the ways of Truth and Loving-kindness

As the lion we can roar with awakening strength and boldness

As the ox we can carry the work of our righteous purposes,

And as the eagle we can rise to new heights with renewed vision.

“What heights of Love… what depths of peace, when fears are stilled and striving cease…” –(Worship song)


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