I am a witness

22 Aug

image: writerscafe.org

I am a witness that the seasons of life come and pass on

A cheerful heart is good medicine

You can’t give what you don’t have

A soft word turns away wrath

A tender kiss can melt hardness

Compassion can mend a bruised soul

Forgiveness sets a soul free

A broken heart can be healed

Beauty can arise from ashes

Joy can come from despair

Prisons can open for the bound

Hate kills but Love saves and restores

There is no law against true Love


I am a witness that an upright man is a happy man

There is no rest for the wicked

What a man sows he reaps

Mercy can prevail over justice

Enemies can become friends

A heart of stone can be made flesh

The soul is made to be free

Body, mind and spirit must be nourished

Poverty of soul and spirit is the worst

There is a time for every purpose under heaven


I am a witness that Love, Hope and Faith unites every soul in every nation

The prayer of the humble and distressed is answered

The honor of God is the beginning of wisdom

The ways of God are pure, enlightening the eyes

and converting the soul

In Christ dwells the way of salvation

Scarlet garments can be white as snow

The value of one man, and change can come from one

By the power of One, the Creator, all things are possible

Truth needs no defense, but proves itself in all generations

This is for the poor, the oppressed, the captives, the shamed, and the wounded-hearted


One Response to “I am a witness”

  1. The Orange Tree September 28, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    fun word play.

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